Vassilis Nitsiakos was born in Aetomelitsa, Ioannina, Greece, in 1958.
He studied Modern Greek (University of Ioannina),
Folk life Studies (University of Leeds, England)
and Social Anthropology (University of Cambridge, England).
He holds a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Cambridge.
He is currently Professor of Social Folklore at the University of Ioannina,
Department of History and Archaeology.
He is also Director of the International Konitsa Summer School in Anthropology, Ethnography and Comparative Folklore of the Balkans.

 His main research interest are: Economic, social and cultural transformations in modern Greece,
the cultural construction of space and time,
myth and ritual, tradition and modernity, orality and literacy,
ethnicity and nationalism, emigration, cultural ecology,
theory and method in social sciences and the humanities.


Courses taught at the Department (2013-2014):

Winter term:

-Introduction to Folk life studies (undergradate)

- The texts that determined the route of Folk life studies in Greece ( undergraduate)

- Theoretical ansd methodological issues (postgraduate).

Spring term:

  • Nations, ethnic groups and identities in the Balkans (undergraduate)

  • Ethnicity and Natioanalism, Anthropological perspectives undergraduate seminar)

  • The cultural construction of space and time (postgraduate)





-Traditional social structures, Odysseus, Athens,  1991

-Mountainous communities of N. Pindus. In the echoes of long duree, Plethron, Athens 1995

-Varia Folklorica, Odysseus, Athens, 1997

-Authority, Labour and Memory in three Epirote villages. Local dynamics of survival,  Plethron, Athens 1997 (with St. Damianakos, E. Zakopoulos and Ch. Kasimis)

-Prefecture of Ioannina. Contemporary cultural geography, Ioannina Prefecture Government, Ioannina 1998 (with M. Arapoglou and K. Karanatsis)

-Rivers of Epirus. Routes and places of water, of people and of cultures, Ioannina Prefecture Government, Ioannina, 2001 (with M. Arapoglou)

-Constructing space and time, Odysseus, Athens, 2003.

-Albanian Immigrants in Greece. Testimonies, Odysseus, Athens, 2003.

-Orientations. A critical introduction to Folklore, Kritiki, Athens, 2008.

-Konitsa and its villages. An anatomy of Culture, Prefecture of Ioannina, Ioannina, 2008.

-On the Border. Transborder mobility, ethnic groups and boundaries along the Albanian-Greek frontier, LIT Verlag, 2010. (In English)

-Peklari. Social Economy in a Greek Village, LIT Berlin, 2016 (also in Greek Isnafi 2015).

Books edited

-Dance and Society, Cultural Center of the Municipality of Konitsa, Konitsa 1994.

- Ch. A. Lolis, Personal life and history of the village Liggiades, Ioannina Prefecture Government, Ioannina, 1999

-Balkans Mountainous Space. Constitution and Transformations,  Introduction-editing  (with Ch. Kasimis), Plethron, Athens 2000

-Facets of Popular Culture: In memoriam Stathis Damianakos,  (with Ch. Dermentzopoulo), Plethron, Athens 2007.

-Balkan Border Crossings, Annual Proceedings of Konitsa Summer School, LIT Berlin, 1 (2008).


Balkan Border Crossings, Annual Proceedings of Konitsa Summer School, LIT Berlin, 2 (2011).


-Balkan Border Crossings, Annual Proceedings of Konitsa Summer School, LIT Berlin, 3 (2014).


Articles in languages other than Greek (English, Italian, Albanian, Bulgarian):


-«Adattamento ecologico e regolamentazione dell’ accesso al pascolo comune tra i pastori Valacchi delle Grecia», Quaterni Storici, 81 (1992).


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-«Emigrantet Shqiptare ne Grequi. Identiteti dhe diferencimi fetar» (Religion and identity among the Albanian immigrants of Greece), Annuario, The Albanian Yearbook of Historical and Anthropological Research, 2(2013).


-«Border Narratives: Testimonies of Albanian immigrants in Greece» (with Y. Drinis), Balkan Border Crossings, Annual Proceedings of Konitsa Summer School, 3 (2014)


-«Landscape perception in Epirus in the late 20th century» (S.F. Green with G.P.C. King and V. Nitsiakos), The Archaeomedes Project: Understanding the natural and anthropogenic causes of land degradation and desertification in the Mediterranean basin, ed. S.E. van der Leeuw, European Communities, 1998.


-«Negotiating culture: Political uses of polyphonic folk songs in Greece and Albania» (with K. Mantzos), στο Greece and the Balkans. Identities, perceptions and cultural encounters since the Enlightenment, επιμ. D. Τziovas, Ashgate, London, 2003.


-«The historicity of landscape: Use and transformation of the natural environment in a Greek and an Albanian community», στοViews from the South. Environmental Stories from the Mediterranean World (19th-20th centuries), επιμ. M. Armiero, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Napoli, 2006


-«National Identities and European Integration: The Case of the Balkans» , στο E. Marushiakova, Dynamics of National Identities in the Process of European Integration, Newcastle, Cambridge Scholar's Publishing, Newcastle, 2007.


-«Transborder mobility, ethnic groups and boundaries along the Albanian-Greek frontier since 1990s», in Petko Hristov(ed.), Migration and identity. Historical, cultural and linguistic dimensions of mobility in the Balkans, Paradigma, Sofia, 2012.


-«От курбета на предмодерната епоха до постмодерния транснационализъм. Теоретични и методологични рефлексии, основани на едно конкретно изследване». (From pre-modern kurbet to post-modern transnationalism. Theoretical and methodological reflections based on a case study),Българска етнология (Bulgarian Ethnology), 2, 2013.


  • Folklore in Greece (1945-1990). The political dimension of its orientation and institutionalization», in Bošković, Aleksandar and Chris Hann (eds), The Anthropological Field on the Margins of Europe, 1945–1991. Halle Studies in the Anthropology of Eurasia
    29, LIT-Verlag, Berlin, 2013.





- Analyses Localisees de Chamgement Social (Local Analyses of Social Change),

National Centre of Social Research (Ε.Κ.Κ.Ε. - Greece) και Centre National de la Recheche Scientifique (C.N.R.S. - France), 1986-1989.This interdisciplinary project was supervised by well-known experts of Greek society as  G. Burgel, M. Sivignon, E. Kolodny, H. Mendras, B. Kayser and S. Damianakos. The part of the project in which I participated dealt with three Epirot villages, in which long-term field study took place (Greveniti, Aetopetra, Pirsogianni.


-Ecological  Study of Pindus Mountainous Ecosystems
Goulandri Museum of Natural History (assigned by the Environment Ministry), 1990-1992. Sub-project director.


- Broader dimensions of demographic issues in S. Albania

University of Patras, 1994-1995. Researcher.

-Environmental perception and policy making: Cultural and natural heritage and the preservation of degradation-sensitive environments in Southern Europe, University of Cambridge (Great Britain) – also participated the universities of Padua (Italy), Cranfield (Great Britain) and Bourgogne (France), 1994-1996. Sub-project director.


- Musical Tradition of Epirus, University of Ioannina  – Municipality of Ioannina (assigned by the General Secretary for Research and Technology as part of the EPET II project), 1995-1998. Research director.


University of Cambridge (Great Britain) – also participated the following universities Umea-Uppsala (Sweden), Amsterdam (Holland), Manchester-Cranfield-Newcastle (Great Britain), Coimbra (Portugal), Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (Spain), INRA-SAD LESCA-Montpellier-Equipe PARIS (France), Agricultural University (Greece), 1996-1999. In this project Sub-project director.


-The implications of settlement and employment of foreign working force in rural Greece, University of Patras – University of Ioannina (assigned by the ministry of Agriculture), 2000-2002. Director.


 - Migration, Borders, Cultural Identities and Ethnic Groups in the Greek-Albanian Borderland,  University of Ioannina (assigned by Ministry of Education as part of PYTHAGORAS II- EPEAEK project), 2004-2007.


 - Place- Culture-Identity. From Aoos banks to the internet,. Interreg III, University of Ioannina, 2007-2008. Sub-project director.


 -Preservation of nature through religion, Thalis, University of Ioannina, 2013-2014. Sub-project director.

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